World-class development on the move!


Personal Executive Education Remotely (PEER)

World-class content, mobile ease, live own company case application

PEER is developed for the busy executive who desires world-class personal development and own company application while on the move.

The program is designed to adapt to a busy executive’s schedule, and all suited material comes in an audio version for mobile consumption in convenient pockets of opportunity during day - a car commute, the plane ride, or dog walk!

This is combined with live facilitated and taught interactive sessions on Zoom that also prepare application to own company business that is presented. Small teams allow for this intensity.

The best, delivered by the best

While we curate for impact and importance, we also spend a lot of time identifying the most effectively communicated accounts, which often is by the renowned creating business professors themselves or successful CEO's. The objective is to deliver “the best by the best” for quality and understanding.

Executive Ultra Learning

Small cohort groups of six allow for adaptation to individual learning needs and aptitude levels. Keeping in mind that the most effective learning approach is to meet the individual where she is - in contrast to a monolithic one-size-fits-all approach. Efficiency increases when the classroom is flipped with mobile content for pre-class understanding. Transfer of new insight to own actual behaviour and organization raises when business cases are real and iterative small group tutoring and feedback delivered.


PEER Business Strategy - Harvard tradition

``Strategy is choice - of customers, activities, and what not to do!``

Professor Michael Porter, Harvard Business School

Good strategic management is essential for long-term business success. It involves defining a business strategy with clear objectives, aligning business activities to support the objectives, and allocating the resources needed to achieve the objectives. The program is based on Harvard Business School strategy tradition and our many years of collaboration with the faculty here. The point of departure will be an understanding of your future industry environment in terms of customers’ demands and competitive landscape. On this background we will assess and adapt proposition, assets, and activities.

Key focus

The true nature of business strategy, and what constitutes ``competitive advantage`` delivering superior returns in the long-run

How to assess the attractiveness of an industry and competitive pressures

What is a business model, and what is your competitive advantage (we will map)?

How does your value proposition hold up against competition, and does it fit the future environment?

What is the difference and interplay between Business Strategy and Corporate Strategy?

PEER Innovation

``Prepare to innovate or die``

Professor Dan Muzyka, Fmr. Dean MBA INSEAD and CPH-X board member

In the PEER Innovation program, we look at disruption and innovation, and what you can do to assess and anticipate changes in your business environment to sustain and build future competitive advantage.

On the product level, we will address different phases of innovation from customer discovery, product testing and validation, to business model creation, and scaling. As for our organizations, we will discuss when to innovate and explore versus to grow and exploit, and the very different mindsets it takes to both. But as an innovation precondition, we will hone the skill of truly understand customer needs, “the job to get done when customers hire our product” by mapping customer preference trade-offs and getting out of the building doing “customer discovery.`` Whereas innovation involves failure, we will look systematically at risk to minize it. How to map, classifiy, and mitigate risk. From product development, to partner collaboration to market adaptation in reach of end-customer. On the corporate level, we will look at how to map and priorities a portfolio of innovation projects.

Key focus

The true nature of ``Disruptive Innovation``

Evaluating the potential of new technologies, and business models

Innovating for our customers' true needs, “the job to get done”

Methods for unearthing customer preference trade-offs, and “getting out of the building” to discover the job to get done

Mapping industry ecosystem and pitfalls in the reach of end-customer

Risk identification, classification and mitigation across innovation phases

Assessing the changes in the business environment and competition as guidance for change in our future offer

“The PEER program has been very valuable for me in order to introduce and refresh the strategic toolbox with inspirational, teaching videos, applying the tools on real-life cases, and obtaining feedback from instructor and participants. I highly recommend the program for people, who are perhaps are great technical leaders, needing to add a layer of strategic leadership.”

Senior Manager Michael Teller Aas,

Radiometer Medical

PEER Instructor Casper Nervil has been lecturing at University of Copenhagen and University of California, and has for 15 years designed and delivered executive education programs for companies like Novo Nordisk, Dansk Bank and PwC in close collaboration with business professors form schools like Harvard, Stanford, INSEAD, IMD, and LBS. As a management consultant Casper was the Co-Lead of Executive Education, Global Center of Excellence at PwC. He has founded the Himalaya Executive Leadership Program (HELP), and holds MBA, M.A., and Cand.Scient.Pol degrees.

Senior Manager Michael Teller Aas,

Radiometer Medical