Efficiently building world-class competences for future fit

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change.”

— Charles Darwin

With the pace of change, you have to adopt pertinent management practices to compete and fit your future

We deliver corporate learning and development solutions that build business competences for successful transformation

We are learning specialists dedicated to real-life capability built-up

For impact, executive education needs client relevance, input quality, delivery efficiency, and organisational application.


of content or faculty are globally leading for best pratice.


by sector, company, and participant aptitude level tailored curriculum for effect.


mobility, and flexibility in learning delivery for ease.


and use training is profound to real-life leadership behaviour and organizational capabilities for achoring.

Quality by content and faculty from the premier business schools in the US, Europe and Asia, and curation of the most powerful management ideas.

Application to real-life leadership behaviour and organisational capabilities.

Relevance by tailoring to industry sector, company position and participant aptitude.

Efficiency by a learning delivery that combines flexibility, audio mobility and ease when possible.

Format adapted for target, cost-efficiency and impact

PEER - Personal Executive Education Remotely

PEER Business Strategy Harvard Business School style introductory course. High efficiency, flexibility and mobility with audio content. High intensity with small groups of six in live Zoom sessions fit into busy schedule. Application to own company case that is presented. Target-group is employees that needs a best practice business strategy crash-course to increase their commercial relevance. For non-business graduates, typically with a STEM-background.

Corporate Custom Faculty-Driven Programs

International faculty-driven programs custom-tailored to the individual client company and industry. The intention is to build relevant and transformational competences to meet future strategic aspiration.

Mt. Everest Executive Leadership program

- Leading with Presence and Resilience

This program focuses on the essence of leadership, and how you increase your ability to motivate and empower others to perform. The point of departure is your personal development as an authentic leader. We will engage in reflections and trusted dialogues about your values and the inner compass that guides us. We will increase awareness of our individual characteristics and authenticity that fosters trust, inspiration, and organizational performance.

It is our experience that the journey to the Basecamp of Mount Everest is the ultimate setting for reaching the highest levels of personal development.



We make companies grow via custom-tailored executive education programs.

We have broad experience especially with life sciences, service, professional service, energy, finance and startup companies.

Copenhagen Executive Academy A/S has a partnership with AVT Business School A/S  – An MBA Accredited Institution.